Ease off on the Carbs!

16 Jun
Fat manIt’s become widely known over the last few years that a diet high in processed carbohydrates can be very bad for your health. Type II diabetes and obesity are on the increase and are bound to have enormous consequences on society in general as medical practitioners try to provide treatment for those patients. From a chiropractic perspective, obesity causes unnatural stress on the skeleton which has to carry around a weight far greater than it was designed for. Diabetes is often one of the side-effects of a sedentary lifestyle which can also have negative impact on the spine. And it seems that even the brain doesn’t escape the consequences of a poor diet.
Recent research has found that older adults (age 70-89 at the start of the study) who have a high carbohydrate intake are nearly twice as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment than those with a low carb intake. Subjects with a high fat intake were 42% less likely to develop cognitive impairment, and high protein consumers were 21% less likely to develop impairment.
Sugar fuels the brain and body so a moderate intake is good. But in our modern society it’s very easy to consume more than is healthy. Try and reduce your sugar intake and your health will benefit.