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Not every chiropractic patient will require x-rays. Some do and some don’t. The decision as to whether x-rays are necessary will depend on what occurs during the first appointment.

A thorough history of the complaint will be taken and a full physical exam performed. In the case of a traumatic injury, for example, x-rays would be taken to assess for a fracture. Older patients are more likely to suffer from long-term spinal degeneration and/or osteoporosis than younger patients, making it more likely that they will require x-rays to be taken.

Other benefits of spinal examinations are that they provide a structural record of your spine, which may be useful as a reference in the future. And they can confirm other findings that may have arisen during the physical examination.

The advantages of x-rays

If x-rays are required there are some advantages from performing them immediately in our office:

  • We take only those images needed to better understand your condition
  • Chiropractic x-ray machines are set at levels that will minimise the x-ray dosage as much as possible. The dosage from a set of x-rays in this office is up to 80% less than similar medical procedures.
  • The convenience for you not having to make an appointment and go elsewhere, which could take several days, and the convenience for us, as we get exactly the views that we need.

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